Friday, July 30, 2004


Pick your head up

Ok, yesterday I said my words on Bowa and Wade, and now I'm done with it.  It's time to move on, too much of this blog, as well as others have focused too much on Bowa.  The issue is really out of our hands, and by now we have all made our positions on the issue, extremely clear.  Any further bickering about those two on this site for the time being is, in my opinoin, wasted space.

We got trashed by the Marlins, again.  And all I have to say is..Oh well.  Really, the Marlins will not make or break this team, in fact we only play them seven more times this year.  It's the rest of the schedule that should be the center of our focus.  And we can do it.  So what if we never beat the Marlins again, those seven  games should not be the difference.  I know that's pretty bold to say, but it's a fact. We have, if my math is right, and it hardly ever is, 60 games remaining.

This is the reality of our situation:

Only Montreal and Pittsburgh are the only laughers left on the schedule, whoops let's throw in Colorado too.  So the schedule is tough, but thus the cards are dealt.  We can only help ourselves out the rest of the way, almost everyone is in the running for a playoff spot, every win not only improves us, but slows down another contender.  If the Phils pull through in the next two months, I would have to say they would be second to St. Louis coming into the playoffs.

At our disposal we have a leadoff hitter who has been playing above anything he has ever done in the last two months.  We have two starting second baseman, one who can hit for power and the other who virtually puts the ball in play everytime.  Our leftfielder is an on-base machine, with excellent power and speed numbers.  First base? Do we even need to go there.  At third base we have David Bell, who has been playing as he always had when he isn't racked by injuries.  Our catcher, is still being plagued in the stat column by a horrendous first month, right now he is of no offensive concern. In center we have Ledee and Michaels, they aren't what you want in a CF, but serviceable nonetheless, and an improvement over the first couple of months.  LF contains an enigma, you don't know what your going to get night in or night out.  A hot streak can send him in the right direction however, and he still carries alot of power in that bat of his.

Our starting rotation is Millwood, Wolf, Myers, Milton, and Abbott.  They are who they are, and what they have been doing is pitching better since the All-Star break.  We have four guys who can be considered number 2's on almost every team, Abbott is bad, but he's not the solution just a patch until/if Padilla comes back.  I know we want a better option than Abbott, but he's a number 5, he's not supposed to be that good anyway.

The bullpen is in trouble, admittadely.  But Cormier and Worrell do more than to hold thier own on most occasions, and as we saw last year, Cormier can take on an almost insurmountable amount of usage if called upon.  Telemaco is back, which helps out by knocking Hernandez back towards his role of low cost situations.  But as much as I have spoken out about Roberto, he isn't the biggest issue right now.  Getting Madson and Wagner back healthy are.  Put those guys altoghter, and it's a very solid pen, with or without Hernandez.  And Wade will get a reliever, as he always does, so there will be some help on the way.

This can be a playoff team, there's no doubt about it.  I expect them to play hard the next two months, there shouldn't be the raising of the white flag the entire way.

If everything plays itself out, and we are at the very cusp of the playoffs come that final series against the Marlins, we'll pull it out.  I guarantee it.

Go Phils

Our leftfielder is an on-base machine, with excellent power and speed numbers.I think you mean rightfielder...
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