Wednesday, July 28, 2004


The Have Not's

Everything and anything that the Phillies were hoping to pull off the market has inexplicably failed.  Here's the word from various sources, as I see it.

Finley is a done deal, he ain't coming.  Dude waits until four days before the trade deadline to notify the D'backs he won't waive his no-trade clause to come to a team on the East Coast.  wtf?

And then  Beltran really isn't back on the market, but he is, and who knows what the Astros are thinking anymore.  Kenny Lofton is apparently being used as bait to lure Randy Johnson who has apparently issued a Yankee ultimatium. 

Both Kris Benson or Randy Johnson aren't coming to Philly.

Remember that dude Ron Villone? Not on the market, and we missed out on Terry Adams.

Anything at this point so we can say, "there's something". But I am now worried about what that something will be.  How bout Ed Wade just quit at the trade deadline?  Wade's magical season is falling apart, cut your losses buddy.

Ya know what, he has to come up with something or it's devestating.  We had a problem in CF for awhile, it hasn't been addressed.  SP has been weak and rattled more with the Padilla being out until August, I hardly think that Paul Abbott has been the answer. You know he wants a reliever, but now he probably won't land anyone of value now, please God no Joe Table.  These are three problem area's the team has had for over a month, and we are three days away from the end of the trade deadline...nothing.  All the while the team has been meandering around .500 since the All-Star break.

The Red Sox are making moves, albiet small moves, that are least if not improving their team, trying to fill some holes.  I'm really just getting tired of this, year in and year out.  Our CF hope really are resting upon Lofton and Beltran it seems right now, and Wade is running out of time.

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